Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Theoretical Construct

The intense nature of what you are doing is so supernal that it cannot be otherwise explained. Movement in these area of Wisdom and Understanding creates the passing flows which are continually awakening the patterned awareness into the concentrated beings of the primary reality field. This primary reality field is where the nexus of all unity intersections take place. Distance is of no concern here. There may be correspondences from as far away as the near beyond and as close as distance between one betron and another. A belitron is the smallest possible division of matter. There cannot be another division. A belittron is formed at the moment of intention and has a "life" of infinitesimal duration. Thought at the moment of inception remains invisible until the initial vision is placed forward through the aspect of initiation. It is best to think of the belittron as a theoretical construct. This needs to be put in place so that in the organization of mind there is a definite point of departure for thought as it makes it way into form.


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