Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Theoretical Construct

The intense nature of what you are doing is so supernal that it cannot be otherwise explained. Movement in these area of Wisdom and Understanding creates the passing flows which are continually awakening the patterned awareness into the concentrated beings of the primary reality field. This primary reality field is where the nexus of all unity intersections take place. Distance is of no concern here. There may be correspondences from as far away as the near beyond and as close as distance between one betron and another. A belitron is the smallest possible division of matter. There cannot be another division. A belittron is formed at the moment of intention and has a "life" of infinitesimal duration. Thought at the moment of inception remains invisible until the initial vision is placed forward through the aspect of initiation. It is best to think of the belittron as a theoretical construct. This needs to be put in place so that in the organization of mind there is a definite point of departure for thought as it makes it way into form.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Extra Awareness

     The Extra Awareness comes about as the result of the demonstration of your vision. This extra sense is that of the object of your vision being already done. It is extra because you notice in your field of vision or your aura a greater filling or an extra portion. This extra portion attenuates the vision which then brings it into form.

Awakening within the dream

     As you go through your daily affairs there are moments when things seem to be happening as part of scripted routine. The flow results that promotes unconscious behavior. You may feel that you no longer have any control over the situations in your life. It is imperative not only to recognize these moments but also to remember to break out of this patterned unconsciousness and move more freely into the areas that more reflect your own internal plan. Here is where the concept of the dream within the dream takes place. Admittedly it does have the element of science fiction but its lesson is nonetheless valid when we look at all the changes that are taking place within.

     The first thing you need to recognize is that in every moment the unknown is calling to us. It beckons there without our calling it forth. The only thing which keeps us from facing this unknown are our habit patterns. These habit patterns are how we look out on the world and what preconceived lens of perception we are wearing. What we can achieve by letting go of these habit patterns is endless. We can go beyond every place we've ever been stuck in. We can travel to new horizons with unlimited freedom to explore these new horizons. All of this can be experienced through our opening up our hearts and minds to experience the unknown, the Eternal.

Dream Sequence

Crone seeking healing for parched skin. I pause but then move on. Passing by on to kitchen, JJ on phone to Mom, out through sliding glass doors, a few steps, initial take off for flight, the realization that it is light out even though in sleep mode it is dark, awareness of lucid dreaming as flight soars higher. Then incredible swiftly flying space type vehicles, airplanes, all luminous objects, my reflection, wow I have to get me one of those and then those magnificent men in their flying machines. Beings, humanoid I suppose attached to these devices are flying about going in both directions in a traffic flow. They are hooked up to straps and look overly oddly at me. It is then I realize I am hooked up to something. A strap falls off my shoulder. I consider leaving it off but think it might lower my flight. I put the strap back on. A moment or two more and then back on the street. Same crone appears asking for healing. I stop and place my left hand on her with my right hand on top and visualize her parched skin becoming normal. A change begins to take place so that I know I am finished. A passerby says "Thank you master." I move on. Two goddesses appear, one leads me off somewhere inside and then I wake up.